Realistic Self-Care Practices for {Almost} Everyday

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When I think of self-care I think of anything and everything that I do for myself throughout the day and/or week. It could be something that I put aside time for something I do while I run errands and complete tasks throughout the day. Here's a list of oh-so simple self-care practices that you can do almost everyday!

Realistic Self-Care Practices for Almost Everyday     #selfcare #health #metime  #tips

Eat Thoughtfully

While that greasy hamburger on your lunch break is tempting, opt for a salad instead. I'm not here to tell you that you should eat super healthy or anything. I promise. By adding just a little bit more thought into what you eat will make you feel good mentally and physically.

Take that Bath

Spend a little bit of extra time bathing at night or in the morning with a bath. Bath time doesn't have to be bubbles to the ceiling either. Invest in a bath bomb or two and relax while it fizzes.

Get Enough Sleep

If getting a lot of sleep is hard for you to do everyday, that's okay. Trying to go to bed an hour early a few times a week will help you in the long run to stay on top of the game. I do this often and wake up feeling refreshed even if a night or two before I was unable to do it.

Play that Song

One way I love to spend my time driving is by listening to songs I love. It not only calms my driving anxiety (which I absolutely hate!), but also mellows me out when I have about 1,003,948 errands to run.

Read More

You don't have to pick up an eight-hundred page novel to read more day-to-day. You can browse the internet for thoughtful and meaningful articles, your favorite magazine or even a storybook for your child.

These ideas are great for everyone including those who are tight on time. Can't invest hours into a massage at a spa? A bath at home is great! It's simple things we do everyday for ourselves that count.

Realistic Self-Care Practices for Almost Everyday     #selfcare #health #metime  #tips

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