Bonus Hocus Pocus Printable Facebook Group Freebie

3:14 PM

Hey! I have a fun little freebie to share! If you plan on decorating your planner for Halloween and adore Hocus Pocus like I do, you're going to love this bonus freebie to our Facebook group!

This printable will be available from September 23rd until September 29th in our Facebook group to download free! On Monday, September 30th, it will be added to our shop (for a low price, of course!).

It is a great way to add to your planner as a dashboard or to print and display in your home along with your other Halloween decor!

You can join the Facebook group here!

Along with this bonus freebie, you'll gain access to other exclusive monthly freebies only found in the group as well as shop updates and other freebie alerts!

If you've missed this freebie offer, don't worry! Visit our Etsy shop!

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