4 Instant Ways to Add Personality to Your Outdoor Space

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It's summertime and a lot of us are spending time outside. If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor space like a patio, a deck or even a small porch, adding a little personality can make your space even more fun to hang out in.

4 ways to add personality to your outdoor space instantly!  #decorating #styling #homedecor

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Pillow Talk

Adding a few pillows with pizzazz will add a little bit of you to your outdoor area and are easier to find than you think. This set of 4 outdoor pillow covers feature fun geometric designs and bright, summery colors that will go with many existing color schemes.

Light It Up

Adding string lights will add a soft glow to your space at night time and create an inviting atmosphere.

Utilize Vertical Space

If you are short on space, but are looking to add greenery or floral elements to your space, adding hanging planters or wall mounted planters can add personality and a natural feel. Succulents are a great idea for these because they are low maintenance and look beautiful with any decor aesthetic.

Take On the Floor

Outdoor area rugs come in a variety of different colors, style and sizes and immediately transform any space. This outdoor area rug has an amazing pop of color and design and is under $40!


There are other ways you can instantly add personality to your outdoor space like updating your furniture. You don't have to replace those pieces! One solution could be to simply apply a fresh coat of paint or new cushions. The best part of summer is getting outside and enjoying the weather so why not add a little bit extra to your outdoor space no matter your budget?

4 ways to add personality to your outdoor space instantly!  #decorating #styling #homedecor

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