My Word of the Year 2019

11:06 AM

Last year, I decided that I was going to choose a word of the year and that word was GROW. I was pretty successful in some areas that I wanted to improve. With taking everything that I've accomplished and learned in 2018, I was able to choose a word for 2019 that will hopefully help me even more!

My word of the year for 2019 is...

I chose this word because although I did make improvements in 2018, I felt like I wasn't consistent enough. I thought that even though I was improving my Etsy shop, my blog content and my scheduling, I often fell off the wagon. I'd find myself becoming lazy and distracted. I found myself a few times saying "Oh, I'll just do it later". Most of the time, it either didn't get done for a few days or not at all.

I have become to realize that if I really wanted to improve my blog, shop and basically anything else, being motivated and consistent with my work and life had to get better. I'm hoping that in 2019, I can be more organized with my thoughts and decisions. I would love nothing more than to gain control of what I do, when I do it and how well I do it on a daily basis.

The new year is a great time to start over, start new and start fierce!

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