Pumpkin Spice Flour Sack Towel DIY Using Adhesive Vinyl

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I wanted a fall-themed towel to add to my coffee station and thought it would be a great idea to make my own. This pumpkin spice flour sack towel was an easy 5 minute DIY that anyone can do!

Okay, well let me start off by saying that I don't own a Silhouette or a Cricut machine. I intend to buy one in the near future for various projects that I have been really wanting to do, but for now I purchased my vinyl decal from Mercari. There are a lot of sellers that list vinyl decals in either sayings or words that they choose or you can personalize a decal yourself. Typically, sellers charge by the letter, but I was able to find this decal for a few dollars and free shipping.

This decal, however, is adhesive vinyl not heat-transfer vinyl. My struggle with this project was getting the letters to stick to the flour sack towel without pealing off since adhesive vinyl is typically only used for non-porous surfaces.

I used one little trick to get them to stick with minimal effort and I do have to say that it worked really well. I haven't had any issues with keeping the vinyl stuck to the fabric at all. Since I could not find anything in my search of the interwebs about how to do this, I think this method could come in handy for someone I'm sure.

I placed the decal on the towel where I wanted it to be, I followed the directions for the basic application of this decal by rubbing over the letters with my finger nail . I then used an old towel to place over the decal and used my iron to warm up the vinyl so that it would stick. I gently pulled away the backing a little at a time. When the entire decal was on the towel, I pressed it into the fabric with my fingers to make sure it was fully adhered.


If you decide to use adhesive vinyl for fabric, don't use it on anything that would be laundered. This includes clothing or towels you may use. This towel project was for made specifically for decorative purposes only.

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