Easy Dollar Store Fall Wreath

4:00 AM

I love the fall. I think that it is my new favorite season. There's something about a little chill in the air to make you want to get all cozy. Who's with me? To celebrate my love for the season, I wanted to make a new wreath. With a trip to my local Dollar Tree and a few leaf bunches later, I have the perfect fall wreath I can use anywhere in my home.

This wreath was really inexpensive to make. I purchased 11 bunches of leaves in these colors because they were my favorite. I loved the look of the green mixed in rather than having it completely yellow and orange. I already had a wire wreath form and floral tape so this project brought me to a whole $11! 

I simply bent the stems to each bunch of leaves and taped them to the wire wreath form using the floral tape. You can use floral wire instead, but this is what I had on hand. Eleven bunches filled this wreath form well. You could easily add more if you want a super full wreath as well.

I have it now as part of my gallery wall in my living room, but plan to move it to my front door very soon when I decorate the rest of it. 

What are you most looking forward to this fall? Do you have anything crafty in the works? Share in the comments below!

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