Casual Summer Weekend Outfit

7:00 PM

So I wanted to do something a little different this week instead of my usual Friday Favorites. I thought that I'd share an outfit I planned on wearing to my daughter's gymnastics show. It's casual and nothing entirely special, but I love the color combo and I'm obsessed with the sandals!

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I'm not an overly colorful person when it comes to clothing and rarely opt for anything other than black. I really love this J. Crew olive green top though and definitely thought it was a better option than anything darker. To me, this green would almost be considered a neutral. I also chose a very basic distressed denim short from Aeropostale because it would tie with the casual vibe of the shirt.

I wanted a neutral tan sandal to pair with this outfit and these brown scalloped ankle sandals are perfect! I'm almost obsessed with them. Aren't they fab?! I'm not entirely sure of accessories at this point nor am I fully sold on my vintage Coach crossbody bag, but I think the brown leather of the bag and the sandals play perfectly off of the olive green.

Shop the look!

Thanks for stopping by! Share with me how you would accessorize this outfit in the comments. I need some inspiration! 😄 Have a great weekend!

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