Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

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Recently I decided that I wanted to give my kitchen a makeover. My curtains were boring, it was dark and there really wasn't much personality. I brightened up the room and added a few new things. After a couple of weeks and a few DIY projects, it's finally done!

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First of all, when you're a renter, there is only so much you can do to your home. Right? Everything that I can do has to be temporary. I really wanted to update a few things though.

I did a lot of searching on Pinterest to find the perfect window coverings. Because my windows are recessed into the wall, I wasn't able to use one of those fancy window rods, but I really liked the look of drop cloth curtains. I figured the material would look and feel too heavy for the room so I chose muslin. I hemmed edges and hung them with drapery clips. Easy-peasy!

I also updated my coffee nook by adding a new sign and a new coffee mug tree rack to display my Rae Dunn mugs. I really like the way it looks. I now just have to figure out what to use instead of this placemat. Hmm...

I added a new hook plaque to replace my old one. It's a light, neutral color and plays well with the rest of the room. I also painted my window pane frames white to brighten up the room as well. I think they look pretty snazzy next to my natural tobacco basket and cotton boll wreath.

I added this cutting board trio behind my faucet because I thought that they would fill up the blank space nicely. I also made my own table runner out of black and white ticking fabric because I couldn't find one that I really liked. I think it looks pretty darn good. I have yet to figure out what would look good as a centerpiece so for now my plant sits inside this galvanized tray.

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Here are the photos!


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