Friday Favorites: Floral Kimonos

7:51 PM

I've been checking out the latest fashion trends for spring and one thing that I came across were floral kimonos. They're so pretty and versatile. I must get one now!

This Friday I thought I'd shed light on a new favorite of mine, the floral kimono. They aren't necessarily my style, but there is something about them that I just adore. It could be the bright florals I see on most of them, it could be how feminine they look, but I honestly think that the reason why I like them the most is the simple fact that you can wear them with anything.

I could easily see myself wearing one of these with a pair of shorts and a tank or over a dress. These would also be perfect to wear as a beach coverup or as a little something on your arms during the cool summer nights. Am I right?

I've compiled a little list here of my most favorites I've come across to show you exactly what I mean when I say they'll go with anything!







If I had to choose an absolute favorite from all of these, it would have to be  the one with the mint dress. It's so pretty and the kimono has a bunch of colors in it to pair with multiple things!

What are you coveting this week? Which one of these is your fave? Share in the comments below!

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