Easy Ways to Organize Your Pantry

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I struggle sometimes to keep everything organized in the pantry because often I find myself in a haste trying to make dinner. Either that or I'm looking for something and get too lazy to put things back where they were. While trying to stop these habits, I wanted to share with you five ways you can keep your pantry organized.


Using canisters will not only corral your baking supplies, cereals and grains, but will also make your pantry a little more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Using clear canisters will not only keep everything neat and pretty, but will also make it a whole heck of a lot easier to keep track of.

Designated Areas

Keeping each kind of item or category together will help prevent your pantry from becoming disorganized. Baskets can be used to contain dinner sides, gravy packets, bread crumbs, etc. Mulitiered shelving for canned goods will allow even the cans in the back to be seen so you know exactly what you have just by glancing through your stash.


Labels are an important part to maintaining order. A label tag on a basket will instantly tell what is inside. Labels on the outside of canisters can be decorative and easy to apply. You can find great free printables on Pinterest or make your own.


It's great if you have all of the organizational elements in use, but why bother if you can't see what it is you have? Having good lighting in your pantry allows you to see what you have on hand and can be pretty inexpensive it add. There are lights that you can install under each shelf so that you can turn on only the lights you need or update the existing light for a brighter one.

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