10 Ways To Declutter and Organize Using a Raskog Cart

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The Raskog cart has been around for a few years at least and they have popped up everywhere for organizing and decorating just about every room. I thought that I would compile a roundup of different ways to use it and how it can totally declutter and organize anything.

About once a year, we take a trip to Ikea. It's about an hour away so it's something we don't plan on doing more than that unless we really have a need for one of their product. Sadly, the Raskog cart is not one of those things. The last time we were there I heavily contemplated buying one, but I decided not to......BIG mistake! Now, I cannot forgive myself for passing it up because I constantly come across ways I could have used it in my home.

Luckily, I saw a very similar one at Target recently and I am going to be buying that baby any day now. I plan to use it in my office area, but who knows where I may want to use it after. There are so many ways and here are a few....

In an Office 

This is a perfect way to use it in an office whether it is rolled into a corner to be pulled out for every use or to simply hold extras in a decorative way. This one is styled so pretty with white and gold!


For Planner Supplies

Let's face it! If you're into scrapbooking or decorating your planner, those stickers, stamps and accessories can pile up quick. Corralling those items (both large and small) on this cart is an easy way to keep them all within reach and more organized!


A Beauty Cart

This is a really great way to organize your makeup especially if you have an over-abundance of makeup, nail polish, palettes, brushes, etc. It can easily be stored on the side of a vanity or rolled into the bathroom since it's not a good idea to store your makeup in there.


A Bar on the Go

If you're not into hosting a lot of parties or company in general but want an easy way to offer beverages to your guests when you do, converting this simple cart into a fun and mobile bar cart is easy.


Closet Organizer

This cart is perfect for organizing things in your closet that need to be accessible, but not necessarily out in the open at all times. You could store extras like bars of soap, shampoos, lotions and body wash. Simply roll it out, grab what you need and roll it back in.


A Perfect Side Table

This cart works great as a nightstand to hold your alarm clock, lamp, books and odds and ends you normally would keep by your bed. It also works well to keep the remote at hand as well as magazines, etc. by the couch in the living room.


A Gift Wrapping Station

There are more than just one time of the year you will need to wrap gifts and this is a brilliant way to store all of your gift wrapping supplies.


Mobile Planter

I really like the idea to use this to hold plants. I have a huge problem with trying to keep my plants alive. I think having the ability to move your plants to the sunnier rooms of your home is a great way to help them grow (and maybe stay alive longer..... 😲). The succulents on this cart are pretty awesome, no? It's also a great way to have an herb garden in the kitchen if you just don't have a lot of room!


Organize Your Kitchen

Use this cart to organize utensils, pots, pans or even in the pantry for potatoes, onions and other food items.


A Handy Diaper Cart

Have kids? Raise your hands! If you're a parent, you know all about diaper duty. Oh, man! This cart is great to wheeling into any room of your home for handy diaper access. (And yes, messy diaper emergencies happen more than you think!) Using the Raskog cart to organize diapers, wipes, creams and more are also great if you do not have enough storage. 


There are a bunch of other ways to use the Raskog cart in your home and everyday life. Do you have one? What do you use yours for?

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