Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Driving Your Kids

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It’s a sad, sad day when the school run is considered more stressful than going to work: understandable but sad. It is one of those activities that there’s just no getting out of. However, driving your kids doesn’t always have to be a nightmare. Whether it’s a trip to the local shops, the school run, or a long distance journey, there is always a way to make the journey more enjoyable for everyone. In fact, the car ride can actually be a great way to spend time together, because being in a vehicle removes both the ability and the temptation to run off and do something else. Below are a series of tips that will hopefully allow you to embrace the positives of driving with your kids.

Choose Your Car Wisely

It is important that when you are selecting your car you opt for a vehicle that works best for your family’s needs. If you always find yourself stressing about something in particular, try to look for a car that solves this problem and will help to keep you calm. For instance, you may find yourself always struggling to balance bags, babies, and buggies, as you scramble around for your keys; if that is the case, the Ford Kuga offers a solution. This roomy and comfortable SUV is fitted with a boot that opens when you swing your foot underneath it. Don’t write this off as a luxury that you can’t afford, as the Ford Kuga can be bought as a used car. This means that you can get this stylish feature at a much lower price.

Play Games

When you are driving your kids around it is important to keep their minds engaged. This prevents them from getting bored and saves you from the dreaded question of “Are we there yet?”. Don’t worry about splashing out on expensive toys that will only end up getting lost somewhere in the backseat, there are many simple games you can play to keep the whole family occupied. You can play 20 questions, the license plate game, guess the celebrity, the alphabet game, road trip bingo, hangman, or everyone’s favorite: eye spy! You could also purchase audio books for everyone to listen to. Or, if you don’t fancy catching up with the adventures of Peppa Pig, why not download a story onto your iPod and let your child use it for the course of the journey?

Organize Your Essentials

During your journey, especially a long trip on a hot day, it is essential that the whole family stays hydrated. Make sure that you take lots of fluids with you, even if this means scheduling in those all-important loo breaks. Safety guidelines recommend that you avoid eating in the car on motorways, as if anything happens it will be very hard to pull over. Therefore, it is important to organize your snacks so that little hands can only reach them when appropriate, or when you stop for a break. Why not invest in a car organizer that comes with specific pockets for all of your essentials. This way you can relax in the knowledge that everything is exactly where it should be. 

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