4 Ways to Get Design Inspiration for Your Home

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Looking to remodel your bedroom, living room or bathrooms? Wanting to get some inspiration? Do you have ideas about where to begin, but are not sure what to do? We’re here to help. Here are four ways to inspire new design ideas that can be used in your home.

Looking Around to Find Inspiration

While it is a good idea to look at magazines showing great architecture or interesting design choices, usually the cost of these ideas is prohibitively expensive. Taking your cue from life and what you see around you often inspires new ideas to pop into your head for how to jazz up the bathroom corner areas or what to do about that little nook that you want to do something with.
Don’t give up on finding inspiration because it strikes at unusual times.

Doing a Lot with Small Spaces

Small budgets or smaller spaces are both ideal ways to get inspired. The lack of space demands a new way of thinking. Furniture is likely to be smaller and available in fewer pieces. Choosing the essentials and losing the clutter leads to greater open space in compact rooms.
Working with smaller floor space also offers a way to add more character to little nooks and crannies. A little table that fits perfectly in the corner, or a lamp that sends colored light dancing onto the ceiling, adds character. Choosing slowly and carefully how a little room is to be redecorated is an enjoyable process when addressed the right way.

Let the Children Share Their Ideas

One of the fun things about redecorating a children’s room is that you can let the kids in on the experience. Turn it into an art class with them able to pick out decorations that they like and put up their own artwork on the walls. While the girls will likely want something more pink and girly, be prepared for boys to want an entirely different look and functionality to be happy.
Be careful to think ahead to whether your child will still like the decoration in six months or a year from now. It’s all too easy to let your son decide on a purple wallpaper, thinking it’s cool now because it matches the color of his games collection, only for him to have a change of heart two months later. With girls, this tends to be a bit easier when sticking to themes that have good appeal. Let the children be your design inspiration and not the other way around. It’ll create a greater feeling that it’s their room with its own sense of identity.

Getting Your Mind Right on Vacation

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a vacation to clear the mind, remove the stress and to see clearly again. Certainly, when you’re up to your ears in work you’re less creative and will find it difficult to dream up interesting ways to redecorate.
A visit to Park City in Utah during the summer is a wonderful way to unwind. There’s mountain passes to enjoy incredible views, decedent dining experiences, walking tours and copious amount of shopping. It’s never been so easy to book your vacation condo online either, so there’s no excuse.

Be sure to take your time when coming up with ideas for changing how the interior of your home will look. Remodeling is time-consuming, so interior design shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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  1. Luckily I am already doing everything what is mentioned here for our new place!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! If I need design inspiration for my home then I usually just go and browse througharound on Pinterest.

  3. Some people have a sense of space and decor, and others do not. Sharing tips and tricks for organizing and improving one's home is always appreciated.

  4. My favorite way to decorate is to use photo canvases from our travels or trinkets I bought on vacation. Also, lots of plants!

  5. These are great tips. Its amazing what you can come up with when your mind is clear!

  6. I always need help with design. Great ideas.

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