How To Stain Wood With Craft Paint

4:00 AM

Have an awesome idea for a project and want to use stain but don't have any? This was a problem I faced a few times and now I have a solution for you that will work so well, you won't be able to tell the difference between real stain and this!

Want to know what the secret is? Craft paint! By watering down craft paint, you can easily create stained wood projects. Here's how ya' do it!

You can stain wood in any color using this method. I chose to stain this planter box brown so I mixed red, yellow and blue craft paint. The trick to get the perfect color brown is to keep adding a little of every color and mix well. Then, add white to lighten it up as much as you'd like.

After you've achieved the perfect shade, add water a little at a time until it is thinner. You don't want it too watery.

I used a paper towel to apply this stain although you could use a sponge brush or rag. It's a good idea to wear a glove because this can get a little messy.

I thought that it was a little too light so I applied two coats and allowed it to dry overnight.

Works great, doesn't it? This method may work well also for creating a weathered effect. Just add some white paint on top and gently sand down some areas for that worn look and the stain will show through.

I would really love to know if this method works well for you. I really wanted to test it out using a grey tone, but I was too much of a wuss! LOL!

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  1. Great idea that I must try. Especially since I do want to use other colors but I don't want to invest in a lot of different stains.

    1. Having the option to use different colors is a plus!

  2. I really appreciate tips that keep me from having to run to the store for yet another supply. Being able to improvise with craft paint is not only economical, it will give a much wider variety of colour choices. Thanks for sharing

  3. This is very cool - never would have thought it could look so much like stain. Awesome post!

  4. Thank you for these fabulous tips Katie and thanks for stopping by at I am Pinnable it is always a pleasure to see your posts

  5. Why didn't you use brown paint instead of mixing all those colors ?

  6. So clever, I love that I can use what I have at home already!!! Thank you for the great tip!!

  7. Great idea for different colours. I could also see me using this when I am doing a small project, much better than buying expensive stain and only using a portion. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I like the instructions Kate - thank you for sharing with I am Pinnable


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