21 Day Fix Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps

3:39 PM

So, I'm not completely into the whole 21 Day Fix thing. I take a little bit from their recipes and meal prepping and a few of their exercise routines to keep myself on the right track. Of all the recipes I've come across, this one is definitely my favorite.

The reason? Well, it's delicious, it contains everything I'd typically eat so shopping for this recipe is easy peasy. It also works great in a wide range of meals. I have put this on Romaine lettuce leaves for a light snack or meal, on a whole wheat wrap and even over whole wheat pasta! Love, love, love!

I found this recipe on Pinterest along with about 2,000 other Pinners. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about dinner tonight! You can check out this recipe over at LisaMDecker.comShe has the step-by-step set up you need to make this yourself. She even explains the containers used.

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  1. Love the different ways you can serve this! It is awesome to have a great base that you can prepare for all kinds of dishes. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday.


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