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I recently popped on over to Amazon looking for some great late-Spring/Summer awesomeness. I have a new-found love for Amazon and I don't know how I could have gotten by without it before. It all started around Christmas time and I've been hooked every since.

For just $25.37, I snagged a cute pair of pewter sandals, a chain crossbody, a cute little nautical inspired bracelet and a Baby Lips lip gloss.

I really like theses sandals and got a few compliments on them. They look more silver in the picture, but have a pretty rose color to them in person.

I bought this gloss as an 'Add On' item and was only $4. The color is a little lighter than I was looking for but my lips feel so smooth when I wear it.

I was looking for another crossbody bag because I'll be going to a baseball game in a couple of weeks. It's so convenient to have one of these when you go to a place like that and this bag is super big! The top folds over with a decorative tassle zipper pull. The chain handle is a great touch. There is a zippered pouch inside along with the standard 2-pockets inside.

I really don't wear bracelets. I do like the style of these and the anchor makes it all the more fun and Summery. It even came with it's own bag, which I may or may not use.

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