Friday Favorites: Sweater Weather

8:52 AM

I know what you're thinking! How can she be posting about sweaters when it's still Summer?! Well, Fall is one of my most favorite seasons and the very beginning of it is the best because a cozy sweater is all you need to keep warm. I've come across some great ones to share. It's never too early to plan out your fall wardrobe.

FF: Sweater Weather


This sweater is one of my favorites from the bunch.  I love the cable knit look and this one is lightweight enough to wear almost year round.

Off-white cable sweater by Gant ~ via Classy Girls Wear Pearls


This chunky oversized sweater is great to wear with jeans or a skirt. I'd probably even slip this over a maxi dress to transition it into my fall wardrobe.

Cozy oversized sweater


This is more of a sweater coat but I love the look of it with a thick scarf. I also love the leopard clutch, too!

rockabyebucktown:    Sweater weather can’t come soon enough…    Full Dublin recap coming (spoiler alert - it was awesome), but in the meantime know that I wore basically this exact outfit all weekend. Yes, I just spent 3 days wearing boots, dark jeans, a light sweater and a chunky scarf. In August.  Dublin is the best.


This pretty sweater would look great with a pair of skinnies or leggings. I love the fringe edges. It's so classic!

this sweater


This is definitely one of my most favorite looks aside from the sweater. Don't you agree? This fuzzy sweater looks fantastic with those vanilla pumps and purse. :)

this is what i want to dress like when i'm older - i am absolutely obsessed with the heels with jeans look! it makes you look so sleek but still casual. very girly

Thanks for joining me this week! Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Seriously, I'm right there with you! I can't wait for cooler weather!

  2. I'M SO EXCITED FOR FALL!! I genuinely cant keep my excitement that i even wrote a blog post over it, and this made me even more excited! Great post xx

  3. Sweater weather is my favorite! I have already pulled out my sweaters and have been wearing them for the past week. I can feel fall coming!

  4. I love the cool weather for wearing sweaters and layers, but we are still experiencing 100*, it will be awhile but I always look forward to it.

  5. I'm actually still in denial that summer is ending, but those pictures of adorable chunky knits are pretty exciting! Something to look forward to...

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure

  6. Weather dreadful here in London so definitely not too early for sweaters!

  7. I love the first sweater. Goes with almost everything!

  8. I'm with you, I love the colder weather -I actually can't wait until I can throw on all my cosy knitwear! I love the big oversized jumper, oversized things always feel much more cosy :) xx

    Baking Fashion

  9. This post is like my Pinterest Account in a blog post! :) I love these cost pictures, and yes, they absolutely make me want Autumn to come sooner!!


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