Friday Favorites: Memorial Day Dessert Ideas

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Memorial Day signifies the start of Summer to me. I really enjoy celebrating this holiday and spending time with the family. Each year, we do different things, but there is always time no matter what we do to do something a little festive. This year, I wanted to make something great for dessert regardless of our plans.

Memorial Day Dessert Ideas

FLOUR FROSTING {Recipe Review}

I love these cupcakes. I don't always care for sweets like this but I couldn't resist sharing them because they're awesome right down to the polka dot liners!

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This is a salty and sweet combination that's hard to resist. I really like the way these came out and are really inspiring, but at the same time they seem a little to ambitious so if anyone has taken on chocolate covered pretzels, let me know if it's worth the time to make them.

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This is a simple dessert that isn't too heavy on the stomach (especially since we all know we're going to over indulge on other things) and is super simple to make. I did something similar to this last 4th of July and it was a hit!

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Chocolate covered anything is awesome, but there's something about a chocolate covered strawberry that makes me say "Yes, please!".

Patriotic Jello Stripe Cups

Jello is a great summertime snack that kids can't resist and these are so awesome, aren't they? They're a great "on the go" snack for kids to carry around with them at a BBQ or even at the beach!

With Memorial Day about a week away, I figured this would be the perfect time to share some last minute ideas with you guys. Thanks for stopping by for this week's favorites and if you have a dessert recipe that you think I will love, share below! I'm totally open to ideas!

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  1. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by to share your favorites. They all look great, I will check them out!

    Have a great day!

  2. My kids like it when I make fun food. The fruit flag is my style.

    1. My daughter loves it too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So many fun ideas! I am currently in the process of decorating some cookies for our Memorial Day BBQ... these are great! Thanks for linking up with Idea Box. :)


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