Friday Favorites: Outdoor Oasis

7:59 PM

I love the fact that it's Friday right now! This week was kicking my butt! I just got over the Flu and still don't feel 100%. (Que sad face) :( I wanted to include things that made me happy this week to brighten my spirits and so focusing on the warmer weather it was! What better way to welcome warmer weather than to decorate an outdoor oasis?

Friday Favorites: Outdoor Oasis

I love each of these sets because they are so inviting and visually appealing. There's a lot of browns and neutrals here and I love that because you can add pops of color to add the right amount of interest without making it look like an outdoor carnival.

Whether you're looking for a little getaway outside to entertain or a place to have dinner on those Summer nights where eating inside just won't do, these sets are the perfect fit. Some are a little more than I would like to spend, but it's good to think outside the box I guess. After all, these are my favorites. :)

Safavieh outdoor

Lonsdale 7-Piece Faux Wood & Wicker Patio Dining... : Target

Thanks for joining me this week! Have you thought of decorating and setting up your outside oasis yet?

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