Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Ideas

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Welcome back to another Friday Favorites! This week is focused on making the perfect Easter baskets for the kids in your life. I've focused these picks on girls simply because I have a daughter, but they can easily be swapped to suit boys. The best part? No candy in sight!

Friday Faves: Easter Basket Ideas

First, let's start with the basket. I purchased this Easter basket about 6 or 7 years ago. I thought it would be perfect to use and it was. Little did I know that we'd still be using it now. It has worked perfectly and is so durable! It still looks brand new!

When we leave out carrots and vegetable juice for the Easter bunny, we also leave out this basket for him to fill with goodies for her. It has become a tradition every year and saves money on buying baskets which means more goodies for her!

Inside of her stocking we also include a stuffed animal and some toys. The ones featured below are ideas for this year based on her current wants and likes. We try to stray away from candy since we don't let her have much and it usually ends up in the garbage.

Finally, every year I pick out a dress for her from the Easter bunny. She thinks he's picked it out specifically for her to wear on Easter and it makes it extra special for her. Although every year the outfit varies from dresses to sets to rompers, the concept is still the same.


Barbie Pearl Princess Mermaid Doll -

Do you have any special Easter basket traditions?

Stay in the loop!

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  1. That Easter basket is really cute! I'm working on putting an Easter basket together for my daughter. These are great ideas for things to put in the basket other than candy. And I LOVE the idea of leaving juice and carrots for the Easter bunny like leaving cookies for Santa. Brilliant!!!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party


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