Friday Favorites: Colorful & Fun Planner Accessories

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Welcome to this week's Friday Favorites! I've had an obsession lately of anything colorful and fun for planners. I've been inspired by the fabulous TheResetGirl. She has a quirky take on your everyday planner including the Midori (which I personally heart a whole lot!). Here's five planner accessories out of my current wishlist!


I've come across these items on either Etsy or Amazon because I find that they are the best places to find unique and awesome things for great prices. I love Kate Spade's little organizer and her adorable bow paper clips! This would definitely have to be my #1. Can't forget the monogrammed sticker either. It's set at an awesome price at only $2.50 and you can choose from so many different colors and styles. :)

Colored pen

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Are you into life planners? Which is your favorite(s) or which would you recommend? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so don't forget to share in the comments!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I just bought myself a small pocket planner that I can take with me, and I'd love to get a hold of some of these fun accessories! Thanks for sharing :) Stopping in from SITS Sharefest today. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    1. They have become an instant obsession of mine. I'm glad you like these products like I do! :)

  2. I used to work for a company that made us use planners (Franklin Covey) and sent us to class on how to use it. Your picks are much cuter than what I had :-)


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