Friday Favorites: Neutral Hues & Pretty Blues

12:00 AM

Welcome back to Friday Favorites! This week is all about light, neutral hues and pretty blues. Think beach! I've been obsessed with the lighter colors lately and I'm in love with these items. These can easily create a look in one room or be used in different rooms around the house. Love, love, love!

neutrals and blues
There are so many ways these items can be incorporated into an existing room. The possibilities are endless. Did I mention that most of these items can be found at Target? I love that place because of their modern-styled home furnishings and they're affordable! Number 1 on my list this week is the Avon comforter set. Which is yours?

Avon comforter

Round mirror

Glass vase
$16 -

Accent table

Upholstered chair

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