Friday Favorites: Ugly Christmas Sweaters {With Humor!}

5:32 PM

This week's favorites are pretty darn hilarious, I must admit. I thought we all may need a little laugh after the stressful holiday shopping we've all been doing. I came across a slew of ugly Christmas sweaters and had to share the ones that made me LOL. Let's face it, a lot of us have Ugly Sweater parties and if you're one of them, any one of these would be the best there! (Or at least a major conversation starter!)


There's the "kitties setting the presents on fire with lasers", the "happy 'elfin' holiday", a "pug as a reindeer", the "drunk snowman who lost his head", but my absolute favorite is "Santa peeing 'Merry Christmas'  in the snow". Which one's your favorite?

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