Influenster Aussie Hair Care Review & Badge Prize Goodie Pack

6:37 PM

First I want to start off with how truly happy I am that I signed up for Influenster. It doesn't pay me for my reviews, but it does send me awesome products to review on my blog and social media. Here and there I'll receive an email to a survey to see if I qualify for an upcoming box. This time, not only did I qualify for one, but I also won a badge prize! :D

I was recently sent an Aussie VoxBox containing Instant Freeze hairspray and the oh-so-amazing Sprunch Spray to try out and rate. 

I never tried the Instant Freeze before, but I do have to admit, it's pretty good stuff! They weren't kidding when they said instant freeze. I highly recommend this hairspray to anyone who really loves and/or needs a strong hold. Whether you're curling, straightening or putting your hair in an updo, this stuff will hold your style all day. I've tested it and it held for over 18 hours. Down side? While it doesn't flake much, with dark hair, be careful not to touch your hair too much. I have noticed it flakes a little here and there.

I have tried the Sprunch Spray before and have used it for a really long time. I used to spray it on my hair while damp, go to bed (often while laying on my hair to keep it tangle-free) and wake up with awesome waves that still held in place. I now use it for a messy pony look. I spray it on my damp hair, sprunch it into curls, let dry and then loosely place into a ponytail. It gives me volume and lasts all day. The only thing I must say is that a little goes a long way. Spray too much and you'll end up with crispy tresses...not exactly a good look.

I also recently received an email telling me that I won a badge prize from Puffs for my previous VoxBox. I was one of the few lucky winners to receive this prize pack. It came with a lot of great products.

Along with a HUGE beach bag in a fun print and a geometric designed beach towel, it also included a pack of the new Puffs Soft Pack tissues (which came in ultra handy with this cold I've had), Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with sunscreen and Secret body mist in Cocoa Butter. I love the smell of cocoa butter, don't you? I was so excited to get this prize even though it's no longer beach season. Next year, I'll be ready to hit the sand and with these products, I now know what I'm going to toss inside! 

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  1. Visiting from Merry Monday. I got this box from influenster too. I have very long, flat, hard to curl hair. I really liked the instant freeze (and I agree, it was well named). But I kept getting the 80s shiny hard hair look with it. Especially if I used heat after the spray to set it. So I would have to gently separate it with a brush after using. Did you have that problem or any tips to deal with it?

    1. Usually when I curl my hair, I spray hair spray after, but I don't have the same curling issue as you. You may need to try a flexible hold spray instead. Some of my friends love the flexible hold better. I hope this helps. :) Oh, and I get the 80's shine hard hair look. Come to think of it, I should have put that in the post. I LOLed.


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