Friday Favorites: Frozen Christmas

11:59 AM

If you have children (especially little girls), you'll appreciate this post! My daughter has loved everything Frozen since she saw the movie in theaters last year. This is the first holiday season since the movie came out. Why not surprise your little ones with some cute Frozen decorations?

frozen christmas
Ornaments are a great way to incorporate your child's love for something into your holiday decor and because it's a simple ornament, it can return every year to hang on your tree as a memory even when your child no longer cares for it. An advent calendar is a fun way to count down the days until Christmas. A Frozen stocking makes it even more fun! The Olaf gift sack is an awesome way to "wrap" a gift and is something they can use, too! 

Disney home decor

Christmas home decor
$29 -

Disney home decor

Holiday decoration

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