Preserving Fall Leaves

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I've done crafts throughout the years with my daughter and always loved the way they came out...until the leaves dried out and made a mess of my home. Today I want to share with you a super, magnificent, uber ultra easy way to preserve leaves for crafts. You can see how I've used some of them in my recent post. So, are you Ready?

Preserve your leaves with craft glue!! Who knew right? Well, I was reading all of the different ways to preserve them and didn't really like any of them. Then, I had an idea to use craft glue. Here's how I applied it.

I used an old Keurig Vue cup to hold the glue. It was small and disposable.

I applied a thin layer of glue to either side. The idea is to coat the leaf enough for good coverage, but to also get a clear coat. Too thick, and you end up with white spots. The Leaf in the above picture shows what too much glue looks like. I was in the midst of applying glue in this photo.

I used a piece of twine to hang them. I simply tied one end to the handle on my cart and tied each stem to the line. Once all of the leaves were tied on, I tied the end to my kitchen chair. Honestly, I really didn't have to go through so much trouble. They were dry within a half hour. There's another plus to this method! Short and sweet!

My daughter and I found some really pretty colors and designs while leaf picking. The two pictured below are our favorites.

We did this as a little weeknight project after homework and dinner and it took less than an hour to coat and hang about 20 leaves. It has since been a week and the colors are as vibrant as the day we found them. They are also holding up extremely well to the constant moving around since we have yet to use them all in projects yet. This is a method I highly recommend. 

Want to see what I've done with them so far? Check out my newest DIY, Festive Fall Lantern Project.

Have you ever thought to preserve those pretty leaves that fall?

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  1. I'm going to try this! Visiting from Say G'day!

  2. Thanks for linking this up to #2usestuesday! I just kicked through some pretty leaves today on a walk. Now I wish I had stopped and picked up a few.

    1. :) There's still plenty of time to find some! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This does sound easy and I love that it is quick. Hope you have a great day.

  4. What a great idea. I am following you at Titus Tuesday.

  5. Nice project but could you maybe have a few more ad popups ruining the experience? I understand you probably make .02 cents every time but really. Too much.


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