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I wanted to post today because I have a really great DIY website to share with you called Darby Smart! I came across their business while on Facebook one day. Normally, when I see an advertisement, I just scroll on by, but I'm a sucker for anything DIY and love a good deal. I was really impressed with this site. It's super modern and they have a lot to choose from.

Aside from the great DIY supplies, they offer printables, project kits with everything you need and more.

They also offer monthly subscriptions. Each month is $19 and you will have a DIY project delivered right to your door. If you choose the 3 month subscription option, you get one month free! (That's 3 for the price of 2!) When you sign up, they'll give you $10 towards you first purchase over $20. That's a sweet deal. They also offer free shipping on purchases over $25 no matter what you buy. That's my favorite part! Check them out and SIGN UP HERE.

Diy for kit

One of the absolute best parts about Darby Smart is their Designer Program. You simply apply to be a DIY Designer on their website using their short application form. If your application is approved, you get to design a project for them. They review your design and, if they like it, they will turn your DIY design into a DIY kit! How awesome is that?! Their customers have the option to purchase your project and share their unique versions on Darby Smart and social media. Then, Darby Smart will pay you. It's a great way to have that extra income potential by simply doing what you love! If you'd like to apply to become a designer, CLICK HERE.

*You may have to be a blogger and have a Pinterest account. I was required to enter this information.

I have since applied and was accepted. I purchased my supplies to create my personalized DIY  project and cannot wait to submit my work! With any luck, people in the DIY community will be loving and recreating my design!

Here are a few things I purchased for my project:

I will be posting my design here so check back often or follow me on FacebookTwitterPinterest or Subscribe via Email!

*Just a little FYI on this DIY post: I was not contacted by this company to provide a review. I am simply sharing an awesome find with you!

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  1. This is a great review and "awesome find." I've seen ads for Darby smart and was curious about it but hadn't checked into yet. I love the tip about being a DIY designer--how fun!!! Good luck on your design. i can't wait to see it!!!
    Cheers-Shana from Technotini --linking up from last week's SitsSharefest


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