When Does Makeup Expire? Storage Options & Free Printable

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So, when should you get rid of your makeup? How long do you think you can keep that tube of mascara? How about that lipstick you love, but can't remember the last time you wore it? Some of us are makeup hoarders. I'm guilty to some extent. I have eye shadow from my teenage years, but is it a good idea to keep that stash of old stuff? What is the oldest makeup item in your bag right now? 

  • Oil-Free Foundation: 1 year
  • Cream or Compact Foundation: 18 months
  • Concealer: 12-18 months 
  • Powder: 2 years 
  • Blush and Bronzer: 2 years 
  • Cream Blush: 12-18 months 
  • Powder Eye Shadow: 2 years 
  • Cream Eye Shadow: 12-18 months 
  • Eyeliner: 2 years 
  • Liquid Eyeliner: 3-6 months 
  • Mascara: 3 months 
  • Lipstick: 2 years 
  • Lip Liner: 2 years 
  • Lip Gloss: 18-24 months 
  • Nail Color: 1 year
  • Clean Your Makeup Brushes Once A Month
Storage Options:

A great way to keep track of what you have and how long it's good for is to keep your makeup organized and buy only what you're going to use so you don't end up wasting all that money. When organizing your makeup, keep everything together in groups. This will ultimately nix the "I don't know what happened to my ..." problem and you'll be able to keep track of what needs to go. 

It's best that you try to avoid storing your makeup in the bathroom if you can help it. The hot steam from showers and constant moisture actually breaks down your makeup and shortens it's life. It is also good practice not to store your makeup brushes out in the open on your vanity because whenever a toilet is flushed bacteria is set into the air up to 6 feet and can land on your brushes. This can cause breakouts and skin irritation. Yeah, and uh it's pretty gross!

Here is how I organize and store my makeup brushes. It's simple, easy to sort and keeps them away from harmful bacteria. I don't use them often since I normally wear very basic makeup and don't need them daily so this way of storing them best suits my needs.

This case was purchased at my local drug store for about $10. It's really meant for traveling, but this case works good for storing my brushes and makeup that I rarely use but is still good.

Storage CapacityOnce you put things away, you'll realize quickly if your storage space is lacking. Think about where you may have some wasted space, like the back of a door (see the shoe organizer used for products in a previous photo), the inside of a medicine cabinet door, some floor space (for baskets) or over the commode, where you might fit a rack.
You can also store them in your medicine cabinet. This will keep the bacteria away and still keep them within reach. I love these clear magnetic containers!

DIY: 14 Cool Make-up Brush Storage Ideas - Fashion Diva Design: also pretty display for paintbrushes
You can even store them in your bedroom. Whether or not you have a vanity, it is super easy to place them on your dresser or nightstand and jazz up the container. This idea serves it's purpose, is aesthetically pleasing and is small enough to fit anywhere.


Now on to the printable! To make it easier for you to remember all of these expiration dates, I've created an easy printable list for you to download. It also leaves spaces for you to fill in when you purchased the item and when it was opened since the expiration time doesn't technically start until it's opened.

Does this make you want to purge those unused makeup products? 

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