Weekend Recap: Mother's Day

3:28 PM

Hi, there! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! For those of you who are mothers, I hope your Mother's Day was the best ever! You know as well as I that we deserve every minute of it.
My day started off with breakfast. Eggs, bacon, the works! I got ready for the day and headed over to my mother's house to spend some quality time with her and my sister. The kids had a blast running around in the 75+ weather and I got some exercise in the process playing softball and all that. Coming home later on in the day, it was time to get some R&R so my Hubby and I watched the new RoboCop movie. It left a little to be desired since I had already seen the original. That's my opinion anyway.
My day was relaxing and fairly stress-free which is how it should be. Am I right? Here's a few pictures below of my awesome day. Don't forget to join me here tomorrow for the Wake Up Wednesday link party I'm co-hosting this month. It sure will be fun!

{Mother's Day card my Ana made me.}

{Mother's Day gift from my Mom.}

{Ariana completely filthy. This girl loves to get active!}

{My Mother and I.}

Thanks for joining me this beautiful Monday! Enjoy your week!

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  1. I'm completely smitten by your daughter's lovely hand made card to you! I love all types of snail mail, but there is something just so sweet when it involves kids printing. Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. Visiting you via "WakeUpWednesday" Linkup.


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