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I have this program to share with you today and it's called Taste For Sweets. They offer popular delicious snacks from around the world right to your door. The monthly cost to subscribe is only $16 a month and shipping is always free.

They also offer gift box plans that allow you to send to your friends and family. Your gift box will be sent right to their door. The gift box options include one month for $17, three months for $48 and six months for $96. All of these options include 14+ tasty snack choices in each box and free shipping!

Every month, you will receive a new box with different snacks from various countries and you can request to receive a complimentary pack of your most favorite snacks to indulge in while you await your next box to arrive.

Taste For Sweets not only loves to provide you with the best snacks, they also help to make the world a better place. For each box you receive, they make a donation to a nonprofit organization to help communities in places such as South Asia, Africa and South America access to safe drinking water. So, in a nutshell, not only are you satisfying your sweet tooth, you're helping others in the process. How awesome is that?

I want to share with you the opportunity to save on these awesome boxes exclusively from me! Here are two promotional codes to use. {Please remember to use ALL CAPS when entering code.}
TASTEFORSWEETS25: Receive 25% OFF when signing up to one of their monthly subscription plans.
GIFTOFSNACKS25: Receive 25% OFF when placing an order for one of their gift box options.

To find out more information, to sign up or purchase a gift box, visit or the ad banner on my sidebar!

Now, on to the next. I would like to introduce something new I want to try on my blog. As you may already know, I share a Five on Friday post here on my blog every Friday. Normally I share five things I find or that I like from the week and share them with you. 
Well, here's what I would like to do. I would like to start sharing five blogs on my post on Fridays instead. Once I have gathered five blogs to spotlight, I will post them so it may or may not be a weekly thing, you will be notified before the post is published. I participate in a lot of social media mixers and link parties, but I thought that this would be a more personal approach. 

Here's what I offer:
  1. Your blog featured here for the week in my Five on Friday post.
  2. Your bio, blog link and social media links will be featured.
  3. I will share the post on all of my social media and spotlight you alone in some of those as well so you can gain more exposure.
  4. I will link my post to link parties I participate in throughout the week for more traffic to my site and yours. This includes the 'Five On Friday' link party I already link to weekly.
If you are interested in participating, fill out this form:
 Friday's Five Favorite Blogs Form

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  1. Taste for sweets sounds good. I also think that featuring a blog on your site for a week is a great opportunity.


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