Five on Friday: My 5 Favorite Blog Sites

6:46 AM

1. is first on my list. I have been using this site since I first began blogging and is full of Blogger tips and tricks to use on your site with fantastic step-by-step tutorials, too! 

2. is one of my all time favorites. The author, Toni, is an amazing woman with so much to inspire me. Because of her blog, she has inspired me to do what I do now. Hopefully, one day at least, I can be as successful as she. :)

3. is an amazing blog I came across on Pinterest one day and I've been following ever since. This lovely woman has created an awesome following being herself. My favorite place I've come to love to follow her is on Instagram. Her pictures are always cheerful!

4. is great. She has so many DIY projects on the cheap! She loves color and her home is fantastically stylish! 

5. is one that's dear to me. She has encouraged me, sponsored me and helped me evolve more as a blogger. She has also given me the opportunity to participate in her awesome Wednesday link party. (Which you should join this Wednesday!) :D 

Thanks for joining me this week for my five Friday favorites and don't forget to check out these awesome blogs!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, always nice to find some new blogs to follow! Happy Friday!


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