Weekend Recap: Happy Monday!

7:50 AM

Happy Monday, everyone! Today is the day to recap my weekend. Saturday was my "hang around" day. I went on a 2 mile run in the park while my daughter rode her scooter. She's the best running partner ever, I swear! I've been using the Runtastic app on my phone to calculate the miles and all of my other information. I love it! After that, we went to the corner bakery (which has amazing brownies by the way). After a 2 mile run, I needed some sweetness. Lol.

Once we were home, I decided to do my grocery list with the unpleasant anticipation of food shopping. I even posted about it and how I keep myself organized in the process. Want to check it out? Click here.
Sunday, we had fantastic weather yet again and so shopping seemed like a great idea. Slowly, but surely, it's going to be Summer. I can't wait! These pretty flowers I discovered with the cute little Bumble Bee are the best thing ever. I found them in the Manager's Special section of my grocery store for $3.99. Yes, great price!

Then, the dreaded....dun dun dun....laundry. Heck, laundry's better than food shopping. Lol. I'll take it anyday. (As long as someone folds).  ;)

I'm also exicted because over the weekend I've brain-stormed new blog post ideas I can't wait to share with you. Stay tuned. It's a surprise!

There wasn't too much I did this weekend that was super exciting, but I relaxed and that's what the weekend is all about, right? I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend like I did and I know it's only Monday, but just think! In 4 more days it's the weekend again...I'm just counting the days!

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