Five on Friday

7:10 PM

So it's another Friday and it's time for my five favorite things for my Five on Friday link up! I'm really digging this link up and I hope you will consider joining because it's so much fun!

1. This wonderful weather I'm having! Spring is definitely in the air and I could not be more elated! Going from the 40's to the 60's is the best rejuvenation to ever exist! Honestly, I secretly do So, as the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming, I can't help but think what there is next. I can finally venture outside without freezing my patootie off. It's wonderful.

2. The perfect Easter dress. I've found my daughter's Easter dress after looking, and looking and looking. A beautiful dress at a beautiful price...$19. :D I love a good deal.

3.  Boxwood! I've had a new found obsession with Boxwood and it won't go away. I'm afraid I'm completely hooked. Lol. I found some lovely little topiaries at Love the look and the price. is a great place to look too!

4. Spring and Summer clothing. I'm loving the looks I've come across on Pinterest. Pretty dresses and pastel colors are the best thing ever. 

5. My Keurig Vue! I've been needing coffee more than ever lately. I seriously wake up specifically for a cup of coffee from this thing. I'm in love!

Thanks for joining me! Don't forget to link up at the hostess blogs!

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  1. That is the prettiest Easter dress. I love those roses. I to have a Keurig and I love it! I enjoy have any coffee I want whenever I want it.

    1. Yes. My Keurig is the BEST investment I've ever made. :)


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