Closet Organization: Before & After

8:55 AM

Today's post is a look into my closet transformation from a disorganized nightmare to an organized dream. I consider myself a well organized person, but sometimes things are let go. After ridding myself of a bunch-o-stuff, I can now find everything I need. I'm super excited that it finally looks like a closet and not a mountain of miscellaneous. :D

  • This is the before picture. Everything was basically shoved into any empty space I could find. The issue I noticed most while I was organizing was that I had WAY too many shoe boxes. The entire top shelf is nothing but shoes and there were even more on the floor.

  • This is the after picture and it looks a gazillion times better, right? I removed most of the shoe boxes we had on the floor and opted for a new approach to storing my flats and sandals. I plan on doing a separate blog post on that so stay tuned!

Here are a few more photos.

  • These totes hold our out-of-season clothing. These shoes are the ones we wear the most.

  • This old nightstand contains my sandals, flats and canvas shoes. I store random sneakers on the side with my rain boots. 
 I would love for you to share your closet organizing secrets with me. Maybe I can get some inspiration and finally find peace. Lol. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Yeah but how long will it stay organized haha

  2. Yeah but how long will it stay organized haha

  3. Kate, I am a fairly organized person and still my closet gets like that from time to time. Also, the bigger the easier it is to sometimes just toss. lol! You've done a great job. I love using baskets labeled with tags in my walk in closets. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

    1. Baskets and labels are definitely something I could use. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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