Linen Closet Organization

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I have a small linen closet and when I say small, I mean small! It's tight. It's narrow. there's an awkward gap in shelving because of the obnoxious placement of my electrical box, but I must do the best with what I have going on. The bins and the clear containers I purchased at the dollar store. They were only a buck each and they're perfect. I use these types of containers in my kitchen in the same color for fluency since my linen closet is in the hallway adjacent to it. They're not super big but suit my purpose well. If I decide to go in a different direction then I didn't waste too much money. Obviously, I love to save money and not waste it. Then again, who doesn't? Anyway, I digress.

  • Okay. The best way I've found to organize my linen closet is to use the top selves for things I don't use often such as throw blankets and my daughter's baby blankets. (I refuse to part with them!) I also use this space to store my extra sheets. There is surprisingly a lot of space up there.
  • The self below that is where I store towels and washcloths. I am super short (a whopping 4'11"!) and can still reach them to put them away and such.

  • The tough part of my closet is finding a way to utilize this larger space. Right now these bins contain my kitchen towels and dish cloths, my extra beauty items such as lotions, soap, shampoo and such and the next one holds my iron, lint roller and stain remover. The plastic bins underneath hold the smaller, awkward items. The one on the left holds all of my nail care items and polishes and the one on the right holds extension cords, light bulbs and anything else miscellaneous.

  • The last shelf is for hair brushes and hair products, makeup and cases and the last spot is for my Ulta makeup kit and my daughter's hairband and accessory holder I made for her. I found the idea on Pinterest of course. I LOVE that site! Can you say slightly over-obsessed? The hubs always makes jokes whenever he sees me doing a craft or project.

  • Below, on the floor, I keep my cleaning supplies. I haven't found a good container to store them in yet so there they are...hanging around on the side of a pink plastic basket that holds my most used cleaning products, at least for now. I keep a pop-up hamper in here for dirty towels from the bathroom and kitchen. It saves sooo much space! Who wants to have a hamper all up in the way?

Finally, I keep my laundry bag hanging on the inside of the door. I use this bag when doing laundry. I keep hampers in the bedrooms and the linen closet, but I like this one when loading the washer and unloading the dryer. It's so much easier to carry a load of laundry around when it has handles like these. I hate large, bulky laundry baskets. They dig into my hip when I carry them and take up so much space.

 I'm forever changing my mind on where to put things and how to organize it. Today it looks like this, tomorrow it's completely taken apart and put back together. When I get it just how I would like it, you'll know...because there will be another post!

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